Don Jones Workshop Part 2

Part 2 is to make a bullet list of my topic. Below is what I think I will be covering.

  • Audit findings that need to be addressed
  • Same task needs to be done multiple times
  • Coworker at previous job used VB for a lot of tasks
  • Inherited the AD environment so not sure how everything is configured
  • Don’t Break anything!

3 thoughts on “Don Jones Workshop Part 2

  1. It’s a good list. I tend to take a slightly different approach, which might help. I try to make a concrete list of “things I want to make sure the reader walks away with,” and I’ll add notes as appropriate to make sure I’m touching on everything I intend to. You’ve more or less done that here, but when you come to something like “Don’t break anything!” I’d probably make my bullet more prescriptive, like, “Test in a VM environment first” or something. That way there’s “action” out of it.


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