Don Jones Workshop Part 3

So Part 2 is where we created our bullet list as we prepare to build our full blog. I put my original bullet list below. Don provided me with some feedback to make the last bullet as an action. Don suggested that the last bullet should be something like “Test in a VM environment first”. When I first thought about this I was going to add the “Test in a VM..” action in next step when I expand on each bullet point. But after thinking about it I see how having that action here helps me expand my list quicker, because I have my action defined.

  • Audit findings that need to be addressed
  • Same task needs to be done multiple times
  • Coworker at previous job used VB for a lot of tasks
  • Inherited the AD environment so not sure how everything is configured
  • Don’t Break anything!

So now my assignment is to expand this list into an outline. So here we go.

  1. Meeting with Auditors after a three week audit
    • Primary focus of Audit on User Security and AD settings
    • User Accounts had privileges they didn’t need
    • User Accounts not disabled when they should have been
    • AD OUs not protected like they should be
    • AD had users able to perform actions they shouldn’t be able to do
  2. Will need to perform the same action multiple times to resolve the findings
    • The staff will need to touch every OU in AD
    • Have many users that need to be disabled
    • Have many users that need permission changes
    • Need a list of users in certain AD groups
  3. How can I automate this?
    • At a previous job a Coworker used VB for a lot of repetitive tasks
    • Last time I wrote scripts I was using FORTRAN and COBOL
    • Is there something I can learn quickly to help with most or all this?
  4. Like most people, I didn’t build this AD and the person that did is now gone
    • Since the person that did the original install and all changes to the AD environment is not an employee.
    • Will need to understand the current settings and understand what the proposed changes will be. User changes should be fine, but AD changes will need to be looked at closer
    • Try to get information from current staff to see if they remember why certain settings were configured.
  5. Build a test environment so we don’t break production
    • Using VMWare Workstation build a test AD environment
    • Configure the test environment as close to the production environment as possible.
    • Assuming that an easy way (for me) to script these required changes is found, keep testing until the scripts work as required.

So that is my outline for now. I’ll review it again in a day or two. I can feel myself wanting to jump in and just write, but after doing this outline I can see myself getting my thoughts organized up front.

One thought on “Don Jones Workshop Part 3

  1. Yeah, I think that’s a good outline. You’re getting a good sequence on the material, and you’re being clear about what it is you want to cover. That’s going to make the writing a lot easier.


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